We’ve been in your shoes and we know the challenges you face every day.  That is why we created MY K12 RESOURCE! Our company is designed to provide affordable services to support your menu planning needs.

SAVE TIME. Let our team of experts take your menu planning tasks off your hands. You can save time, free up labor, and reduce costs by adding a MY K12 RESOURCE specialist to your team.

COMPLIANCE. Our team has conducted over 200 administrative reviews throughout various states. As a result, we know the ins and outs of the process. With our clients, we get them ready for review all have had no fiscal finding.

What we do

We have several services geared to provide you with support for your menu planning portion of the USDA Child Nutrition Programs such as NSLP, SBP, and CACFP.

Our support can be daily or to when you have an Administrative Review (AR) scheduled. We offer dietitian services for special diet students, database builds and updates, and menu planning.

Admin Review Support

Let our fantastic AR experts assist you in scoring 100% on your Administrative Review! 

Our clients experience an easy going review process that ends successfully! 

Results 100%; No finding

The Menu Review portion of your Administrative Review can be unnerving with all the daily and weekly requirements that must be met.  Our expert Dietitians at My K12 Resource have passed hundreds of menu reviews successfully. The Menu Review pays for itself by avoiding costly findings.  And imagine the peace of mind when you know your menus are correct before you turn them in to the state.

Menu Support

Our monthly menu support provides a menu planner for your team without a lot of cost. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) become your RDN for the school year.

By using our service, you can save up to 80% on labor costs. And you can enjoy the time savings!

We join your team virtually to be responsible for any aspect of your menus. We provide services from planning, to updating your database, to creating your printed/online menus.  You are in the driver’s seat 100%! Your dedicated, experienced menu specialist comes ready to assist you and your team.

We can work in any cloud-based menu planning system! We do not provide software or require that you use a specific software. We are happy to get you set up in one and support your menu planning efforts.

Our dietitians can also provide guidance and menus for your special diet students. We meet with staff, school nurses, and parents as needed to ensure your staff and student’s needs are met.

Menu Planning Software Support

Using menu planning software does make the job much easier in the long run, however getting it all set up or updated can take time for sure!

Let our dedicated database specialists create and manage your menu planning software.

Just purchased software or switching to a new software? Let us build your database for you. Our team has over a decade in building databases and keeping you organized. In as little as a month, we can have your own recipes, menus, and purchased foods entered into your software’s database.

Is your database outdated and needs a refresh? We can provide a refresh with fresh recipes, new labels, and new products. Simply let us know what needs to be updated and we will get started.

Resources to support school foodservice

Learn how affordable it is to get menu planning support for your department.

Who we are

My K12 Resource was create in 2017, the culmination of a decade of working in school foodservice in various aspects. School foodservice is one the most challenging fields in nutrition, where you are required to feed hungry children in a short period of time, while following stringent regulations, working with a tight budget, and with limited resources. 


The birth of My k12 Resource was methodically designed to provide foodservice directors with additional resources that are easy, affordable, and compliant. Our company is perfect for a district that needs help in managing certain aspects of the National School Lunch Program and other child nutrition programs.

The company is comprised of experts in the child nutrition industry, with over 50 years of combined experience. Our team of primarily Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are very knowledgeable and seasoned in the field. We enjoy working along the side of the district and seeing results of the team’s hard work.  


What others are saying! We work districts with large districts with over 100 school sites, to smaller districts and single site charter schools.

Danielle Johnson

Our database was created so quickly

Mike Thrasher

I scored 100% on my admin review

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Learn how affordable it is to get menu planning support for your department.