Score 100%: Menu Review

Follow these steps to achieve 100% on the menu portion of the Administrative Review (AR). These steps have been fine-tuned for you by My K12 Resource over the years and have consistently led to no fiscal action to our clients for through over 100 reviews. Let’s get started! Create your timeline Be proactive! Ideally, it […]

5 Good Reasons for Getting a Mock Review of your Menus

Getting ready for your Administrative Review is hard work! Starting preparation and conducting a mock review allows you to correct those pesky mistakes before your reviewer finds them. Making the corrections at the start of the year is key for a smooth and successful operation. A 100% review leads to happier administrators, staff, and customers. […]

Why You Should Upgrade Now to a Cloud-Based Menu Planning Program for NSLP

Is your department using a cloud-based, online menu planning program? If you’re not, and if you’re using a legacy system that has been in place for years and years, now is the time to make a change. It’s time to dust off the cobwebs from your current menu program and enter the digital age! Benefits […]

School Food + Social Media = Excitement

Is your school’s foodservice department active on social media? If not, you could be missing opportunities to grow your food programs and stay relevant. Utilize your school’s website and/or online menu and incorporate it into social media posts! Take advantage of the free accounts Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have to offer. Create a name for […]

Get Ready for Back to School!

It’s that time of year again – time to get ready for going back to school! The Summer season is a great time to be preparing for the school year ahead. Instead of cutting up fruit and dicing vegetables, you are making sure your menu and recipe database is in great shape, you are analyzing […]

Professional Development for the School Nutrition Professional: Keep Compliant and Achieve Your Full Potential

As a foodservice director, you know the importance of ensuring that both you and your staff meet professional development goals. For one, you’re making sure that your team is current on the latest national standards to help your department keep compliant. You’re also improving your department’s financial viability by educating your staff, and helping your […]