A K-12 Foodservice Director’s Smartest Strategy

As a foodservice director for your school or district, you have a demanding and challenging role. You’re in charge of procurement, compliance, ordering, staffing, menu planning and so much more! Are you struggling to keep up?

Have you ever wondered how some directors just get it all done? Well, you could be that person too.

The secret to getting it all done is automation.

How to Implement a Winning Automation Approach Within Your Department

There are portions of your workload that can be automated, giving you valuable time back in your day for more important items on your “must-do” list – items that require your expertise and strategic thinking.

Automate those repetitive tasks that your cloud-based software program can manage for you, such as menu planning, ordering, and running numbers and reports that you may have been doing all via pen and paper.

You do have a cloud-based system, yes?

If not, now is the time to move your department over to an online system to improve efficiency and compliance within your operation. After analyzing your current delicious and nutritious menu and assessing your needs, your My K12 Resource team member vets your software options and presents you with the three best menu software companies that would be a fit for your department.

What are your needs – software that can clearly display the common allergens? Software to help improve forecasting? We’ll set up demos for you so that you can view them and make your decision. We’ll also provide cost analysis for each. Rest assured that you’re making the best financial and operational decision by partnering with our team to review your options.

After your cloud-based software is implemented, our team won’t leave you hanging. We’ll assist with data entry so that your software is robust and working to benefit you as it should. Training is also provided to your staff so that everyone is up-to-speed on how to maximize its use – and how to automate the tasks that are best left to automation so that once again, your team can focus on what it does best – satisfying your most important customers – your students!

Embrace Technology and Save Time with Automation

Recipe cards and binders chock-full of recipes are so the past! Today’s software brings countless benefits to your department:

  • Improved compliance
  • Flexibility and efficiency
  • Cost control
  • Huge time savings
  • And most importantly, automation

Now you’re the director who is getting it all done.

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