Add Support Staff to Your School Foodservice Operation and Stay on Budget

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have all of the staff support that you need to run your school foodservice operation and stay within your budget?

It’s possible! You can!

We know that you have a tight budget. But we also know the importance of having sufficient staff in place to manage both your back-office and kitchen operations. You need staff for management, i.e. procurement, ordering, keeping your technology up-to-date, and more. You also need foodservice staff to manage menu planning, preparation and to dish up nutritious meals to your students.

You might be short-staffed due to limited budget. Or, you may have open positions that are proving hard to fill. No matter your challenge, hiring a school foodservice management and consulting company like the My K12 Resource team of expert dietitians helps support your team and adds efficiencies to your department to help it run more smoothly, including staffing your operation. You wouldn’t be alone in your outsourcing of essential services, either – data from Chartwells demonstrates that 70 percent of New Jersey school districts outsource their foodservice, and more than 20 percent of Michigan’s districts do as well.

  • Short-term or long-term virtual support of back-office operations, i.e. procurement/ordering management, purchasing, marketing and more

When you partner with an expert from My K12 Resource, you get a virtual staff member who serves as a member of your core team for the duration of the project – or for a much longer-term partnership. Bring one of our consultants on board to improve your operation’s efficiencies – whether you need database, software, menu, ordering, procurement support or more. Here’s how we help, all while keeping you within budget:

  • Database management, software refreshes, menu updates and more for 75% less than having a full-time employee on staff
  • Planning your menus and ensuring your district complies with always-changing federal foodservice regulations

Our team will develop a strategy to address your current challenges. We help you take action and improve your operation within budget. Contact us to schedule a complimentary call to learn more about partnering with My K12 Resource today.