5 Good Reasons for Getting a Mock Review of your Menus

Getting ready for your Administrative Review is hard work! Starting preparation and conducting a mock review allows you to correct those pesky mistakes before your reviewer finds them. Making the corrections at the start of the year is key for a smooth and successful operation. A 100% review leads to happier administrators, staff, and customers.

Below are 5 reasons to have your menus reviewed by an expert.

Reason # 1 – Keep Your Money
School nutrition administrative review

Start now to avoid yearly fiscal action from simple menu mistakes.

Countless schools endure finds on their review due to common mistakes. Those mistakes are often systemic, which may result in significant fines. It’s important to review your menus early in the school year, as it not only gives you peace of mind but also allows you time to make necessary changes. Staying in the black is harder now than ever before, so make sure you keep your money by avoiding findings that lead to fiscal action!

Reason # 2 – Avoid Staff Headaches

Start training staff right from the beginning of the school year.

Eliminate the headaches by training your staff on the correct serving sizes and what a reimbursable meal is early in the school year and they will be thankful for sure. Start this year off with a thorough review from the experts to ensure your calculations and components are correct. When your staff has to make changes mid-year there is stress, a larger learning curve and more probability of error when it comes to your review.

Reason # 3 – Don’t be Outed by a 1st Grader
School nutrition administrative review

Changes aren’t always seen as positive by your customers.

You know who is the first to notice when changes are made in the menu or line set up, your customers! They know exactly how the line usually looks and if you change anything, you will hear about it, and possibly even your reviewer. Avoid noticeable changes that will bring attention for the wrong reasons, by making the correction at the start of the new school year.

Reason # 4 – Say Goodbye to Heartburn

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to choke down a handful of tums?

There’s nothing worse than the doom and gloom feeling of not knowing what is in store for you during your Administrative Review. Why not deal with it early, by starting with a menu review. Once you know where the little mistakes are, you can do something about it. Being proactive is a lot less stressful than being reactive.

Reason # 5 – You Don’t Have to Do Everything Yourself

With everything you have on your plate, it’s good to know you don’t have to take on everything alone.

One of your options is to hire an expert in child nutrition. When you do, you will gain confidence and project a more self-assured image with your reviewer. This experience will set you up to stay organized for the next review. Let us help bring support to your program!

School nutrition administrative review

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