Fight or Flight When Your Customers Complain

In the last few months, social media feeds and news stories have been highlighting student and parent complaints about the quality of school meals. In addition to the daily struggles school nutrition departments are experiencing, this is one more thing added to their day. Often the one negative comment or feedback overshadows all the success […]

Online Menu: Key to Successful NSLP

In a time where we have immediate access to almost anything, it is nearly impossible for a school nutrition department to survive without an online menu. The lack of an interactive website and online menu could hold back a school meal program. Visualization and having data at our fingertips is everything in the food industry. […]

Navigating School Lunch with Food Allergies (part 1)

Each May there is a week dedicated to increasing awareness of food allergies. This dedicated week serves as a reminder and an opportunity for schools and child nutrition professionals to re-emphasize the importance of understanding and managing food allergies, ultimately creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all students. For those who have been […]

Knowledge is Power! Find Out What Your Students Think About Their Food Via a Survey

In the day-to-day operation of a food service department, we must ask a very important question: “What do our customers think about our food?” This is such a powerful question, yet one that in the hustle and bustle can sometimes be forgotten. It’s time to prioritize this question as it could lead to some powerful […]